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Coming as soon as September 2021

“Wine has new rules. Let’s write them together.”

Community Support Petition

Hey there! 

The Allston Civic Association and the Brighton Allston Improvement Association are responsible for approving ALL licenses in the neighborhood before we can get the liquor license moved into the neighborhood. They want to make sure the community supports the move before approving, so we need your help!

You can read more about the concept on our homepage but scroll down for a summary and to show your support!

What We Are About




How We Are Going To Do It

Partner With Wineries Around the World

We will partner with wineries around the world to affordably bring the best and most interesting wines to the neighborhood

Bring Wine Growers to You

We will regularly bring in wine growers and regional experts so we can all learn more about the wines we drink

Show Your Support!

By signing below, you agree that a Wine Bar on Western Ave in Brighton would be a fun place to go and would want to see our vision come true!

*We will never sell your information. This will only be used to show the Brighton Allston Improvement Association and the Allston Civic Association that the community supports this.