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Brighton Wine Bar

Coming as soon as September 2022

“Wine has new rules. Let’s write them together.”

Coming soon in Boston, centrally located between Brighton-Allston, Watertown, and Cambridge.

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Brighton, MA Wine Bar Featuring:

The Why

Now is the best time in history to be drinking wine. The sheer diversity of flavors and styles and grapes available today is greater than ever. If I can share one bit of advice it’s this: drink wine with joy. Perhaps that’s obvious but remember that at least in America, the past couple of generations of wine lovers have spent their lives guided by fear—of displaying bad taste or revealing what they don’t know.  

Screw that. Fear was the guiding principle of the past. We’re officially done. Wine is too great a thing to be limited by fear.  

So drink with joy—and never let go of your curiosity.  

Wine is an endlessly complex and fascinating part of our culture, and a curiosity about it can span a lifetime.

-From The New Wine Rules by Jon Bonné 

Who We Are

The Brighton Wine Bar founders are longtime residents of Brighton that want to provide the neighborhood with a fun and casual atmosphere to enjoy diverse wines from around the world.

We understand the major concerns about a new place interfering with the character of the area (or messing up the parking) first hand, and are making sure that our chosen location will take all of that into consideration. 

Finally, we are looking forward to meeting you!

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